Comfort Zoning

TOM’S HVAC can help make your building more comfortable by giving you control. Do you walk into your building and turn on one light switch for all your lights? Well, zoning works the same way as your lights. It gives you control of each space demand.

What is zoning?

Consider your buildings thermostat. It is the only control in your building that puts you at it’s mercy instead of adjusting to your temperature needs.

With the invention of the thermostat, so began the tradition of building owner dissatisfaction with their heating and air conditioning systems. For years, people have wasted time and energy, while sacrificing their comfort in attempts to get the right temperature in too hot or too cold places throughout the building.

Now, you can end the thermostat battles in your building and reclaim control of your comfort. By installing a zoning system, you are able to transform your existing heating and air conditioning into a personalized comfort system without expensive equipment upgrades. And the best part is, you do not need any costly reconstruction. Zoning systems are a great asset for light commercial and residential use, and can help with energy cost.

 zoning pic

Arzel – Presonal Comfort Control

Arzel zoning panels and dampers are compatible with furnace and air conditioning equipment and similar products from manufacturers like Carrier, Honeywell, York, Bryant, Aprilaire, Jackson Systems, EMC Controls, Durodyne, Zone-a-trol, and ZoneFirst.